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Especially for Women: Your Life Purpose is in your Hands- Literally

Especially for Women with Ann B. Sloan

Introducing: Baeth Davis, President

The Hand Analyst, Inc. (TM)

"Palm Pilot for the SOUL of Your BUSINESS™"

“Is it time you got PAID for YOUR PASSIONS?”

How Baeth and I first connected: The Cycle of Reconnections

It amazes me – yes, this time also, again – how many of my women connections originate in some way from one specific (no longer existing) women’s networking organization: N.E.W. Entrepreneurs founded years ago by Christine Kloser in the Los Angeles area. Though Christine disbanded it and moved on to other pursuits long since, N.E.W. in some ways remains a “gift that keeps on giving”! (You’ll find a link to my TNNW interview with Christine at end of this article.)

Can we draw a conclusion here? Create an aphorism? Try something like this:

“Old networks never die – they’re just scattered like seeds...”

So what’s Ali Brown got to do with it?

Here’s the chain of connections that led me to Baeth Davis a couple of months ago. Back story: It was at an early N.E.W. Entrepreneurs dinner meeting (2004?) that I met Ali (Alexandria) Brown – who at that time was marketing herself as “The Ezine Queen”. Ali’s entire product line at that time consisted of a three-ring binder: a detailed manual on how to market yourself via your own e-zine.

I signed up for The Ezine Queen’s e-mail newsletter list right away – and as the years (amazingly few years!) progressed, I was astounded to observe Ali’s rise to fame and fortune. From the one Ezine binder, she rapidly escalated to larger and more expensive programs and events, intensive coaching programs, etc. ─ and yes, she long ago dropped the title of Ezine Queen.

Today, Fall 2009, she has and is a huge enterprise: she even has her own magazine (also named Ali, of course.). Her company, , has shown tremendous growth over the past four years, taking her business from the low six-figures into the multimillions in revenues. In fact, her company is now recognized by Inc. 500 as being one of the fastest growing companies in the nation – recently ranked #263.

Enter – the Hand Analyst!

Baeth Davis’ name first came to my awareness via Ali’s Newsletters. Ali was enthusiastically recounting what a gigantic boost Baeth’s hand analysis reading had contributed to her (Ali’s) already notable personal and business success.

As I’m quite curious, I wanted to learn more about Baeth and her Hand Analyst teachings ─ so of course I had to sign up for her Newsletter too. And here’s what I found out: It turns out Baeth is one of Ali's closest friends – and she credits Ali’s teachings as major contribution to her own company’s tremendous growth. Baeth explains: “I met Ali Brown in 2005, making $60,000/year. This year, my company will clear well over 1.5 million. YES. It's true. And I don't have a huge list, either! “

I'm so inspired when I see such mutual mentoring between two women who contribute their own unique talents to each other’s success. But now, I aim to turn the spotlight on Baeth full force.

Who is Baeth Davis and what is she all about?

The web site describes her as follows:

Baeth Davis, "The Hand Analyst," is a professional hand analyst specializing in non-predictive palmistry. She helps female entrepreneurs, small business owners and women experiencing major life transitions to discover the calling of their souls and create practical, pragmatic business plans to make their unique life purposes both meaningful AND profitable.

The key information to your business success, quite literally, rests in the palms of your hands. Baeth reads your palms, translating the "life map" there so you can navigate your life successfully. She transforms knowledge into wisdom and inspires you with flames of passion for the unique life that is 100% yours!

What’s available on the Hand Analyst web site?

Here’s the first menu option that drew my attention:

“What is Hand Analysis?”

-- Palmistry as a form of divination emerged in India over 5,000 years ago

-- Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and

current advances in human psychology and philosophy

-- Hand analysis is NOT predictive (I can't tell you how many children you're going

to have or when you're going to meet that tall, dark stranger.)

-- Hand analysis is a repeatable system, based upon thousands of hands studied

-- Hand analysis can be learned, like learning to read or play a musical instrument

-- Hand analysis does not require psychic ability.

Baeth explains what she actually does:

By looking at the lines on your palms, I can determine where you are experiencing both success and resistance in relationship to your Life Purpose and Life Lesson right now. Everything on your palms is decoded in terms of now rather than the past or future.

If you find this information intriguing, there’s more available on the “What is Hand Analysis” page. You’ll also find a number of glowing testimonials from clients who’ve had their hand analyzed. And if you’re fascinated by famous folk, you’ll find plenty to read about on the “Celebrity Clients” page.

Other notable Hand Analyst menu options

"I want my hands read!"

This page presents procedures for getting a hand reading. Tell you a secret: Baeth does it by phone! How? It’s all explained step by here…

“Online Store”

Here you can purchase Baeth's Home-Study Course:

"How To Read Your Own Hands:

5 Proven Steps To Bring More

Health, Love and Money Into Your Life"

“Life Purpose Vision Mentoring Programs”

This actually refers to a “VIP Coaching Day” with Baeth”: i.e.

…one full day focused on making your business an expression of your unique Life Purpose.”

But you are quickly forewarned: “Space is limited to 9 VIP Days per year”.

And now, let’s move to our conversation with Baeth Davis: the "Palm Pilot for the SOUL of Your Business”:

Our Interview

How would you briefly describe what you do, Baeth your elevator speech, your tag line?

“I help enlightened, spirit-rich™ entrepreneurs discover their Life Purposes and get paid for their passions so they can BE the change they want to see in the world.”

What makes you and your company unique? What is the so-called Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of your service?

“From a few minutes of looking at your hand prints and fingerprints, I can identify your specific Life Purpose, business niche, Life Lesson, unique gifts and more. With this information, I am able to help you determine your business direction and make a profitable, spiritual blueprint for your success.”

What is your primary goal, the mission of what you do?

“My mission is to help one million people worldwide in the next five years to discover, know and live their Life Purposes. My personal passion is to inspire flames of passion within people so they live the life of their dreams.”

“One million? In five years? That’s HUGE, Baeth!” I laugh.

Now, would you describe how you got started in all this, and how you arrived where you are currently?

“I was working in marketing but not making much headway. I was also having a spiritual crisis of meaning and wondering what the point of this life was. I finally surrendered to the Universe and prayed, ‘If you show me my Life's Purpose, I will forever be your humble servant.’

Two weeks later, hand analysis entered my life. Through this means I discovered my Life Purpose is to be a spiritual mentor to entrepreneurs. Technically, from my own hand prints, you could call my Life Purpose the ‘Successful Spiritual Teacher and Business Woman with an Inspirational Message for a Large Audience.’"

I laugh. Was it really this specific? I ask.

“Yes, it was that specific, that explicit!” Baeth smiles back.

Was there a time of breakthrough, a turning point when you chose to change your course? Any specific quantum leaps?

“Oh yeah! First quantum leap was discovering metaphysics and psychology in college at age 18. Freud, Jung and astrology rocked my world.

Second quantum leap was 11 years ago, when I discovered hand analysis and my Life Purpose.

Third quantum leap was finding and marrying my husband, Mark.

Fourth quantum leap was discovering online marketing 4 years ago, allowing me to grow my business from $60,000/year to over a million a year!”

Which of your projects are you currently most excited, most passionate about?

“I'm preparing for our next Life Purpose Spiritual Summit, June 10-13, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. We had our last summit in Las Vegas this past June and the outcomes people received were truly transformational. I've never seen so many people connected to their Life Purpose in one room at the same time!

I'm also getting ready to launch six new web sites that connect my speaking, training and coaching work with an online store and online university.”

I laugh. I must repeat myself and say: “That’s HUGE!” But then I proceed: How much of your work is focused specifically toward women?

“I market entirely to women, since they seem to resonate with my message at a ratio of 95% women, 5% men. The men find me anyway, usually through wives, sisters, girlfriends, nieces, co-workers, etc.

HOWEVER, the truth is, even though I market to women, most men want to know and live their Life Purpose and be paid for their passions, too!”

What are some of the ways and places you promote your enterprise, Baeth?

“Through my weekly ezine, ‘It's In Your Hands’, available for free at . Also through joint ventures with other entrepreneurs, tele-classes, advertising, press releases, and radio and TV interviews.”

Whom does your network currently include? What is the size of your outreach?)

“I currently have a list of nearly 8,000 subscribers and another 5000 folks on Twitter and Facebook. We have about 2700 names in our direct mail mailing list.”

What has been the best about building a network: Positive experiences?
Benefits, expected and unexpected?

“The best thing about a network is that it makes having a business possible. The most valuable asset any business has is their client/customer list. The MOST valuable!

Networks also allow for resource sharing: ideas, vendors, funding, list building. The benefits are many. First of all, I am deeply grateful for the loyalty and readership of my subscribers. They are always reaching out to us with thank you notes, suggestions, feedback and referrals. Secondly, it's fun to feel a part of a tribe.”

What challenges (if any) have you found in your networking experiences? Unexpected events? Any benefits emerging from challenges in the long run?

“I’ve learned: Always put EVERYTHING in writing. Hold people to their contracts. I see many women entrepreneurs get into hot water if they don't make sure their clients pay on time. Also, it's vital to deliver everything you promise in a timely manner. This isn't always possible, but it's something to strive for.”

Bottom line – What do you feel is really working well for you, your company?

“I'm doing what I love to do and have structured my business to reflect the activities I love doing: writing, reading, speaking, teaching and coaching. I delegate as much of the rest as I humanly can. It's a joyous journey. I'll be speaking in San Francisco this fall and I'm quite excited about that. I love to travel and speak.”

Besides networking, how else are you promoting your company? What do you view as the primary vehicle, and what makes it more important than the other(s)?

“We send thank you notes to everyone after a hand analysis session as well as birthday cards to all of our clients. We periodically hold free gift tele-classes and offer specials and bonuses to our most loyal clients. Our most important vehicle is the newsletter ─hands down the BEST!”

What’s the achievement, the accomplishment you’re most proud of at this time?

“Seeing my daughter, Julia, enter senior year in high school. She's pursuing a career as a fine artist. My husband, Mark, joined our business full time last summer. Being able to work with him every day is a dream come true.”

What are your plans and goals for the future organizational, personal especially regarding networking activities?

“I do most of my networking at live events. My attendance at live events has led to most, if not all, of my speaking engagements. I've also learned how to hold live events and sell from the stage by attending events with content that could help me grow my business.”

Any other point you’d like to emphasize at this time?

“Now is one of the greatest times in history to be alive. All the world's knowledge is available to us. If you want to experience abundance, it's vital to share your gifts with the world, while nurturing yourself and investing in yourself. The more a woman can invest in herself (without going into excessive debt) the more her business can grow as an expression of her greatest self.”

In conclusion, Baeth, anything you’d like to add some words of encouragement, inspiration for our readers?

“I think it's vital to know and live your Life Purpose. What could be more important? I don't think anything is more important than fulfilling what you came to Earth to do. Anything else, in my opinion, is just drama ─ a distraction from one's greatness.”

Distraction from one’s greatness… So true!

“Yes! Most financial, physical and spiritual crises are brought on by ignoring our intuition and the call of our purpose in favor of social approval, familial approval, or just plain low self-worth. It takes GREAT courage to stand up and be true to one's self. But the rewards? Immeasurable!”

What a great principle to end on! Thanks so much, Baeth, for sharing your unique perspective and extraordinary yet extraordinarily practical skills with us.


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