Monday, October 5, 2009

Mentor = Short Cut

That's me with one of my dearest friends and mentors, Ali Brown. What we've accomplished in the past four years blew past what we'd achieved in the previous seven years in our businesses!

Because we gained access, both internally and externally, to the right support, tools, mindset and MENTORS.

What Ali discovered allowed her to grow her low six-figure business into the multiple millions and she's currently listed at No. 263 on the Inc. 500! That's amazing growth. And that growth occurred because Ali put the right elements in place at the right time with the right guidance. She did not try to do it all herself. In four years, Ali went from around $350,000 a year to $4 million a year. This is divine evidence of her Life Purpose as the Visionary Mentor and Healer in the World Community Spotlight! She's inspiring women internationally to dream bigger, reach higher, grow their businesses and live their lives with style and spirit.

In four years, I went from making $60,000 a year to over $1.6 million this year - and that's being conservative based upon projections. That's 2500% growth! Most businesses aim to grow by 10% a year. Hmmm... I think maybe we're on to something, eh? My Life Purpose is the "Successful Business Woman and Spiritual Leader with an Inspirational Message in the Spotlight."

Ali shared with me with what she'd discovered via her mentors who shared with her what they'd learned and implemented as a result of their mentors. And so on, far, far back into history. As my husband, Mark Richter, likes to say, "Mentor equals shortcut."

If you want to shave years of missteps, agony and trial and error off your track record,you MUST have a mentor. And not somebody you BARTER with either! If you are bartering with a mentor for business, de facto, they are not a mentor. The mentor, de facto, needs to have more expertise under their belt than you. And if you are in business and working with a BUSINESS MENTOR, they need to be making serious money in their business or they probably can't teach you too much. Makes sense, right? Always, always, always consider the source of the advice you receive.

Last night, Ali Brown hosted a FREE CALL
on the need for RISK in your businesswith myself and another special guest, Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach. Entrepreneurs that risk consciously WIN BIG. But they don't do it all alone. They do, however, do ALL they must - EVERY STEP of it - to succeed.

Today, I want you to consider where you need to risk and have been scared to do so.What would be POSSIBLE for you and your business if you took this risk? Maybe you need to make an important phone call, raise your rates, fire a team member, hire a team member, get a bigger office, get married, get divorced, move to a new location. Whatever the risk is - you KNOW what it is - you need to get it done. NOW.

But will you? Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, the wimpy, the whiner or the wisher. Entrepreneurship is for the service-minded, spirit-hearted soul who TAKES ACTION and RISKS to WIN. Is that YOU?


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