Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heather's Story Part 3

AFTER The Hand Analysis Session = Career Confusion Solved!

Heather Dominick experienced a profound transformation as the result of her hand analysis session. Last issue, we explored what her hands revealed. This week, we're going to explore what she's done with the information.

To review, here are Heather's "hand stats:"
Life Purpose = Passionate Innovative Messenger in the Spotlight
Business Niche = "The Healer to Healers"
Field Research = Business Mentoring and Coaching
Life Lesson = Incompletion, Powerlessness and Self-Worth Issues
(Life Lesson Learned = Success, Leadership, and Self-Value, especially in relationship to money, business and spiritual integrity)

As Heather told me, "Beth, this WHOLE process is so needed. My transformation happened as a result of not only the hand analysis session, but what happened with you AFTER the hand analysis session. It's so much more."

What happened AFTER Heather's Hand Analysis Session?
Heather expressed her experience this way:

"Before working with Beth Davis, I had been in business for two years as a Health and Wellness Coach. Things were going fine, but I really felt as if there was something about my life purpose that was missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. When I had my hand analysis session with Beth, she noticed a pattern on my palm, underneath my pinky, that indicated I was a "Healer to Healers." I instantly got an energetic hit that this was right on, but I had no idea what to do with it.

As I coached with Beth over the next 8 months, I was able to authentically come to the clarity that it is my life purpose to coach other healers, solo-practitioners and entrepreneurs on building their businesses. This epiphany is truly the first time that I've ever been able to look back at all that has come before in my life and see how it needed to happen in order for me to be where I am today - happily and successfully coaching others to create professional, profitable businesses that involve healing. I would never have been able to come to this clarity without Beth's incredible strength, guidance and wisdom. I am truly grateful and would be happy to chat about my experience further."

To more vividly demonstrate Heather's inner transformation, I figured what better way than sharing Heather's own wisdom!

How To Change The Energy Of Career Confusion
By Heather Dominick, “The Energy Expert”

Have you ever felt confused when it comes to your career? Maybe you’ve felt unsatisfied in your work, longed for some challenges or knew that you wanted to enter a certain profession or start a business, but just felt unsure about what to do. Whenever this topic comes up with my clients (as it has also come up for myself) I’ve learned to notice that it isn’t really about confusion, it’s more about fear of success.

Do any of these fears connect for you? The fear of starting something new, fear that you won’t be able to measure up, fear of disappointing others that count on you, fear of not doing something right, fear that you’re a fraud, and the biggie, fear that you DON’T DESERVE IT?

I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t experienced some form of fear when starting a new career or beginning a business. It’s natural. The problem is when it stifles our energy and leaves us living dull and disconnected from our purpose.

So how do we move past that fear and on into the success of our lives? We look for the coffee.

When I was a teenager and would get so nervous the night before starting a new job my dad would always say to me, “By this time tomorrow, you’ll know where the coffee is.” This was code for – you’re scared because it’s unknown, but you’ve got to actually go do it to get to the known. And he was always right. By the end of my first day, not only did I know where the employees got their coffee, but it was also always a good conversation starter to people I didn’t know, “Could you please tell me where the coffee is? Oh, I take mine with just milk. No sugar, thanks.” You get the idea.

Fear of change keeps people from thriving, from evolving, from asking for what
they really want, from reaching out to connect with others, from taking care of themselves, and from challenging themselves. You are the manager of your energy and this equals the master of your life and this includes what you do for work and the level of your success.

Ok, so this sounds all good, right? But exactly HOW does one become the master of their success? Well, I’m what I like to call a “Get-It-Done-Gal." If I’m going to master anything (especially my life’s work) I’m going to want to know some concrete steps that I can take to do that. Now I know you’re thinking (maybe wishing?) that I’m about to try to pass off a magic bullet. Nope. What I am going to say is that there are exact steps to take, but those steps aren’t about expending your energy outward instead those steps are about turning your energy inward. We’ve got to shift the inside to see the results on the outside.

Here’s what you do:

1. Begin by identifying the original fear that’s holding you back from making a career change or starting a business. (Fear of starting something new, fear that you won’t be able to measure up, fear of disappointing others that count on you, fear of not doing something right, or, again, maybe the biggie, fear that you DON’T DESERVE IT … or perhaps it’s something else for you.)

2. Look at your work history.
Start with your first job. Write it down. (Don’t just read; do. You’ll get faster results. Trust me.) Continue the list from there. Now go back and mark what you did and did not like about each job and how long you stayed in each position.What map do you see in front of you?

3. Celebrate what you’ve done.
Give yourself a big pat on the back for everything that you’ve experienced and achieved so far. Nothing is too small. Wahoo! Go you! Seriously. To energize your success you want to start with acknowledging what you’ve done so far.

4. Accept the compliments of others. This is just as important as #3.
If you want more energy and success in your career and business – you’ve got to be able to let it in! If you can’t say “thank you” when someone tells you they like your sweater, what makes you think you’ll leave your energy open to accepting a large raise, bonus, or new, high-paying clients?

5. Track your commitment.
Career Confusion and Fear of Success are great ways to talk around what you say you want without having to actually do anything. It’s important to check in with yourself – do I really want this? Take one week and track the amount of times you think about/talk about making this career/business change. What kind of energy is generated? Do you feel excited, but scared? Or could you really care one way or another?

6. Visualize your new career/business success.
Take a look around you – right where you are this moment reading this. Take everything in. Now, what would you like to be different? Close your eyes and see and really feel what it would be like around you if you were successful in your new career/business.

7. Reevaluate the limiting belief or your fear.
Is this fear who you are or maybe, just maybe, now that you’ve shed some light on it - not so powerful after all? Is it perhaps just a defense (again, it’s natural to defend yourself when you’re scared) or an excuse because you’re actually happy to stay where you are, but feel pressured by others to want more, do more. The more open and honest we can be with ourselves about our fears the less power they have and the more energy we have available to us to actually make the change.


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