Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heather's Story Part 2

Heather's Hand Analysis Session = Please Meet "The Passionate Innovative Messenger in the Spotlight"

Heather Dominick experienced a profound transformation as the result of her hand analysis session. Last issue, we explored where she was BEFORE her session. Today, let's look at what her hands revealed.

Heather's Specific "Life Purpose"
Heather's fingerprints revealed that her life purpose is to be the "Passionate Innovative Messenger in the Spotlight." What does this mean? "Passionate" means that Heather flourishes when she lives from a place of her true desires and takes a stand for her beliefs. Her passion is a barometer for her success. This is not true for everyone. Some people are excited by a sense of duty or responsibility or get their high when money rolls into their bank account. Of course, most of us like having money in our bank accounts. The thing to remember with the hands is that it's a matter of degree. You can make a 1,000 things with flour, sugar and eggs but it doesn't mean they taste the same or have the same texture. People are like that too - similar ingredients, different outcomes.

"Innovative" indicates that Heather is a renegade, a maverick, a rebel. She is ahead of the pack - so when she looks out onto the horizon, there is no one leading the way. She simply sees the edge of the Earth dropping off into the sunrise. The key to remember is that people are trying to keep up with her, but no matter how slowly Heather moves, she'll still be moving ahead of the status quo, innovating, on the cutting edge. There is NO MODEL for what she wants to create. If you have innovation as part of your life purpose, you also bring a sense of mastery to what you do. Heather does things well, with precision, because she can't imagine doing otherwise. She takes great pride in doing something well simply for the sake of doing it well. A job well done is its own reward.

"Messenger." Heather has a message to deliver to a large audience. She is a gifted author and speaker. The challenge is to find her message. You can bet it's going to be innovative and fill Heather with excitement and passion. But what, what, what? If you are a messenger, you've probably had moments at one time or another when you wondered if that message will ever arrive. We'll explore Heather's message in Part Three of this series.

"In the Spotlight." When I lived in Los Angeles, I saw "in the spotlight" in many, many hands. No wonder, as LA is the "spotlight" capital of the world. Of course, I've also seen the spotlight in the hands of people from Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, China and Spain, so no one is limited by geography when it comes to our calling. Heather is called to BE in the spotlight, to have an audience cheering her on, applauding her humor, wisdom and insight. In fact, her audience helps her SPREAD her message. If you are called to the spotlight, please know this: It's NOT because your ego is out of control. Wanting an audience doesn't mean you're vain or lacking in self-esteem (and even if you are, it's due to other issues.) If you crave, long for, dream about being in the limelight, please know that it's your life purpose whispering to you. People who don't really want to be in the spotlight don't fantasize about being in the spotlight. I invite you to ponder that concept for a minute.

Heather's Business Niche
Once I've looked at someone's life purpose, I then look for gift markings to give me a sense of how the life purpose could be expressed in terms of a career. Heather has a gift marking called the "healer to healers." She's the person that other people with interests in the healing arts seek out for "healing." That helps narrow her target market in terms of her ideal client and it also sets her apart from others. Who is your target market? If you're a "healer to healers," it's probably other healers.

Heather's opportunity is to combine her gift as the "healer to healers" with her life purpose as the passionate innovative messenger in the spotlight. We'll explore HOW she's now doing this in Part Three of this series.

"Field Research"
Hands have information that isn't specifically categorized as "life purpose" or "gifts." I classify these areas as "field research." Heather's field research falls under business mentoring and coaching. Doing her field research in business, Heather acquires the knowledge and experience to mentor her clients so that they succeed in their businesses. Of course, the greatest benefit of this field research is that Heather succeeds in her business!

Heather's "Life Lesson"
Your life lesson is your blind spot, your least-evolved skill, your nemesis, your shadow. However, once integrated and understood, your life lesson is the key that opens the door to your life purpose. It's very simple: consciously LEARNING your life lesson = LIVING your life purpose with fulfillment.

Heather's life lesson includes issues around incompletion, powerlessness and self-worth. Her challenge is to learn how to complete tasks, own her power and value her self. From a business stand point, she is challenged to complete her most difficult tasks, take a stand in the world for her vision, and get paid what's she worth for her products and services. The beauty of her lesson - and everyone's lesson - is that what we are here to learn is what we are here to teach. Why? We spend soooo much time learning about it - we become experts! Heather is becoming a Successful, Powerful, Businesswoman. Her life lesson urges her to do this in order to have her life purpose as the "Passionate Innovative Messenger in the Spotlight" flourish and succeed. But Heather didn't need me to tell her that. :-)

Passion + Profit Together???
One of my passions is helping spiritually-oriented entrepreneurs to get paid for their passions. There is ONE fundamental issue causing money problems in your life and it's called "low self-worth." Until we feel worthy of receiving praise, acknowledgment and money for what we give to our clients, we are apt to experience debt, financial drought, feast and famine cycles, hoarding, etc. I know people with lots of money who think they have none and people with none who act as if they are millionaires (but the creditors keep calling!). Heather has found a unique - dare I say "innovative" - method of delivering her passions to the world and getting paid for it.

As Heather told me, "Beth, this WHOLE process is so needed. My transformation happened as a result of not only the hand analysis session, but what happened with you AFTER the hand analysis session. It's so much more."


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