Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heather's Story Part 1

BEFORE Her Hand Analysis Session = Searching For The "Missing Piece

Heather Dominick experienced a profound transformation as the result of her hand analysis session. Let's find out where she was BEFORE having her hands read. Here is a statement from Heather:

"My name is Heather Dominick, and I’ve spent a lot of time and energy in the past desperately trying to understand “what to do.” I worked as a high school drama teacher for eight years, loved my students and excelled at my work, but constantly felt like I wasn’t able to be fully grounded in my life. What I looked like was this: over-exhausted, overwhelmed, and overweight. I was great at pulling it all together, putting on a good performance, and getting the job done, but I was too disconnected from my own experience to feel any of it. Instead, I just felt kind of fuzzy."

Feeling that fuzziness, that missing piece caused Heather to seek out more clarity and deeper self-understanding. She wanted bigger ideas and visions for her life. She wanted clarity about her business - her niche, her target market, her passion. While doing high school theater, Heather developed skills that would come to serve her later: looking at a scene and a stage, and then creating something magical, so that a story could appear.

To create this magical new story, Heather knew she needed to switch the focus of her business from the topic of "healing and wellness" to something else - but to WHAT? She wanted to feel "the click" of aligning her specific life purpose with her business. She wanted to help others find this magic as well - to have a sensation about their lives and businesses where they would say, “Whoo hoo, this is great!” She wanted to HEAR that. But HOW?

HOW would she discover the range of her skills, what she is here to offer, the confidence to implement her skills and the courage to raise her rates to a level appropriate with her skills?


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