Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jennifer's Story: Becoming A "Coach To Coaches"

Jennifer and I met in New York City in 2001 via mutual friends. I was there conducting hand analysis sessions. Jennifer said, "I've gotta get a hand reading while you're in town." Shortly thereafter, I met with Jennifer at her home in New Jersey. (When I first started my business, I made a lot of housecalls. I still enjoy being "down-home Bette" when I can and making visits to people's homes. Each visit is an honor - I'm being invited into someone's special universe.)

At the time of our first meeting, Jennifer was aware of her interests in spiritual and metaphysical topics as well as her creative abilities including photography, cooking, and gardening. She wanted to go further with her dreams but was bumping up against her fears of letting go and really trusting her intuition. Jennifer's hands revealed that her life purpose is the Powerful Inspirational Communicator/Healer/Coach & Artist in the Spotlight and her life lessons include issues around achieving her desired goals and questioning her self-worth.

Hand Lesson: Recently, on October 25, 2006, we had another hand analysis session to see what, if anything, had changed in Jennifer's hands since our first session on November 5, 2001. The ONLY factor in your hands that doesn't change is your fingerprints. Everything else in your hands can change - including the shape, color, lines, curve or straightness of the fingers, etc. Shown here are prints of Jennifer's right hand from each reading.

Obviously, these hand prints are not to scale. What was noticeable to me was how more refined Jennifer's hand appears in the new print. The lines are more defined, indicating more clarity in her life. The shape of the hand has changed, becoming rounder on the bottom of the palm, indicating a deepening need for harmony and beauty in her life. Her fingers are also thinner and longer, indicating an increased psychic sensitivity and greater attention to detail.

I said to Jennifer, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it." Jennifer's hands now indicate she is more in touch with her intuition, indicating self-trust. Self-trust is especially notable in her case because both her left-hand pinky fingerprint and the multiple vertical lines beneath her pinky fingers on both palms indicate that part of Jennifer's path is to be a healer. Healers have two core obstacles: trusting themselves and learning to allow the process of life, surrender to it, rather than attempting to control it. These issues, unresolved, create problems in the healer's romantic life. Why? As a healer, you have the ability to help another person know themselves. This requires intimacy. Intimacy is the abiltiy to reveal one's innermost self to another. In other words, if you don't use it, you lose it.

If you're a healer and you're not being paid for your healing work, you're going to have relationship issues. Jennifer, I'm happy to report, is now in a wonderful intimate relationship. She is also doing her healing work professionally as an adjunct to her work in public relations. These two bits of information about Jennifer's life are very much connected. Healers often ask me - at the end of their session - "So, what about a romantic relationship?" And my response is always the same, "As they say, don't put the cart before the horse. Do your healing work and the romantic partner will follow. NOT the other way around." And then they ask me, "Okay, but what about that romantic relationship?" Uh-huh. You get the idea... there is no way around our gifts. We must use them or suffer the consquences of not using them.

In the time since we first met, Jennifer's healing mark on her right palm has developed more vertical lines. This indicates that she has now advanced to the "healer to healers" status. She's the healer other healers visit when they need a tune up. Jennifer said to me, "I'd take it a step further and say I'm the coach to coaches. I'll be very in your face. Friends will say to me about someone 'oh, isn't she sweet?' and I'll be thinking, 'Are you kidding? She has a LOT Of work to do.' I can see what's needed." Of course, Jennifer has tact and doesn't just blurt it out. You have to make an appointment for that kind of honesty. :-) What Jennifer is finding out is that by trusting her wisdom and giving over to it, she has more confidence and is getting phenomenal results with her clients. (Her life lessons, if you recall from the beginning of this article, involve issues around getting results and self-worth.)

I can testify to Jennifer's phenomenal healing talent. I asked Jennifer to do an essential oil protocol for me and she said, "Beth, you're going to create more abundance, belief in yourself, excitement about your increasing self-awareness, clarity, peace and healing." I was impressed with the words she used because I knew I had issues to clear up in those areas. Using her protocol, which involves essential oils, affirmations and consultations with Jennifer, I am astounded at how BIG the vision for my life has become and how much opportunity I'm attracting. One deal I'm currently negotiating is a multi-million dollar contract - and that's for one year of work! I kid you not! As Donald Trump said, "If you're going to be thinking anyway, you may as well think big." Here here!

I had no idea how small I'd been thinking. Remember my story about another one of my mentors, Ali Brown, the Ezine Queen, and her desire for a beach house? She'd said, "Well, it's kind of out there, but what I really want is..." Then, after some lessons in manifestation, she said, "Okay, I'm visualizing my ideal home and my only job is to believe and be ready to receive." Viola! A few months and a lot of visualization later, she bought that beach house. Seen the movie, "The Secret" yet? More tools on this same topic. I could go on and on about the power of having a BIG vision for your life.


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