Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#1 Hot Tip to Get UN-stuck!

At the end of my VIP Day with David Neagle at
his gorgeous Southern California retreat

My friend and business associate, Sharla Jacobs, says, “Whenever I’m stuck, I invest in myself – and then I’m unstuck.”

If you want to know how Sharla and I have built million-dollar businesses – YES, REALLY – her suggestion to invest in yourself will change everything.

Think about it. How can you offer a $20,000 coaching program if YOU have never invested in one for yourself? In order to carry the vibration of success, you MUST invest in yourself first.I’m just back after a VIP Day with David Neagle and his extraordinary team. If I simply do what he says, I’ll clear millions this year – working less than I am now! I love doing this for my clients – I must say it’s so nice to be on the receiving end!

Don’t believe it? You’re attending my Life Purpose Spiritual Summit, with David, Sharla, me and other spiritual entrepreneurs, right? It’s a miniscule investment that will change your life – guaranteed. The only people who don’t get change are those who don’t invest in themselves.


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