Friday, July 31, 2009

Got Camel?

Baeth Davis and Jasper the Camel! (He’s kissing my shoulder and it tickles!)

This past Friday, Mark and I had dinner at our neighbor’s home in the Southeastern mountains of Arizona. Not only are these folks the talented contractors building our brand new 1800-square-foot garage (Mark has a LOT of hobbies!) but they are consummate farmers and animal lovers with multiple dogs, horses – including two newborn colts, chickens, llamas, and a camel named Jasper. They raised camels for eight years in Africa! Jasper is sweet, gentle, funny and has good breath! Jasper breaks the camel stereotype!

Speaking of stereotypes, have you heard a lot about how difficult it is to keep employees honest, ‘in line’ and ‘on task?’

Well, I don’t subscribe to this notion. I believe in having a TEAM of pro-active, conscious creators, not ‘employees.’ Everyone on our team has the opportunity to do the work they love and excel at as well as create an 1ncome for themselves with NO LIMIT. When a team member contributes to our bottom line, they receive commission for their efforts. If you help our business grow, you grow, too!

In December 2008, we found Cindy Gallo, our onsite business manager. She took to the job quickly and began thinking one step ahead of Mark and me on systems and procedures. Since she’s been with us, customer complaints as well as product returns have virtually dropped to zero. She makes sure each client gets what they need in a responsive and timely fashion. Not to mention that Cindy is personable, passionate and smart.

We’ve had people trying to hire her away from us since the day she started.
People say, “I want a Cindy, too!”

...until next time, remember your Life Purpose (and your business!) is in YOUR hands
(nobody else's!),


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