Friday, July 31, 2009

Time for a NEW Look!

For me, it was time for a new look to express the joy in my heart and my growing courage to express more and more of my soul in my business! And did I ever receive a new 'image' to peer back at me. The picture above is one of over 300 that Lesley Bohm, master photographer, took of me on a hot Sunday afternoon last week in her 5000-square-foot, air-conditioned Los Angeles studio. Tamara Gold performed makeup and hair magic while our pal, Marty Stewart (, filmed the entire experience. (Marty is an SEO whiz if you need to improve your traffic online.)

People have been asking me a lot lately why I seem to have a perma-grin. I'll tell you: vanity, sunscreen and an affirmation I say silently whenever I look in the mirror: "Baeth, how do you stay so young?" I smile to myself and intone that I'm aging backwards. Now, that being said, I eat tons of protein, exercise, take lots and lots and lots of supplements and I watch people singing on YouTube before going to bed because it makes me cry with joy.

BUT there's something MORE - I am living my Life Purpose. Youth is a state of mind! I love life, am passionate about life and honestly wish I could live forever! If I could live 4,000 years (in a healthy body), I still couldn't complete everything I'd like to do: fly airplanes, speak all the world's languages, travel to every country, participate in the Olympics, be a spy, Flamenco dancer, movie star, rock star, physician, astronomer, astrologist, Buddhist monk, tri-athlete and on and on!

What would YOU do if you could live another 100 years, a 1,000, 10,000?
Think about it! There is SO much to BE, DO and HAVE! Are you READY to have it all THIS LIFETIME???

until next time, remember your Life Purpose (and your business!) is in YOUR hands
(nobody else's!),


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