Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 TOP SECRETS For Business Success!

You Just NEVER Know WHO You’ll Run Into in Vegas!

James Malinchak, with me and my biz manager, Cindy Gallo

I was in Vegas for a conference this past weekend (more on that adventure in the NEXT issue! but you can catch the pics on Facebook!) and had the opportunity to meet up with James Malinchak (, a gifted public speaker and multi-million dollar business coach to entrepreneurs. He is a STAR who is about to POP out BIG… so keep your eye on him.

We first met when he won the Glazer-Kennedy 2008-2009 Marketer of the Year. (I’d won the 2007-2008 Info-Marketer of the Year a few months before in Nov. 2007).

When we crossed paths at another conference this year, he said, “Baeth, I like what you’re up to. Let me know how I can help you.” I was honored by his openness and generosity. Cindy, my business manager, and I took James to dinner Sunday night and he shared some extraordinary insights with me for my own business. (Stay tuned for THAT!)

We agreed that business success requires TWO THINGS:

#1 Passion for Your Life Purpose
#2 The ability to “se^ll” with a full and joyful heart – so you can get “Pa^id for YOUR Passions!”

If you ‘hate selling,’ it’s showing up on your bottom line (Isn’t it?). How about selling from the heart and working with ideal clients EACH and EVERY time?
Want to learn how? When you attend my Life Purpose Spiritual Summit, I will show you how I grew my 5-figure a year business to 7-figures a year in 3 years.

BUT I don’t want it to take you that LONG! I’ll also show you HOW I did it by honoring my Life Purpose and my authentic vision. You don’t have to find out what the ‘market wants.’ I’ll show you how to make the market DESIRE what you have to give. You get to BE YOU! What a RELIEF!

The summit is a TINY investment compared with what is possible for you once you have this information ‘in hand.’ Are you READY to get PA^ID for YOUR Passions??? Isn’t it time?

Oh, yeah, James said something thought-provoking to me at dinner, “Baeth, when planning out my business, I always ask myself what my objectives are. This year, I have two very specific goals for my re’venue. What are your goals for the mo’ney itself?”

Coach’s Challenge: How much mo’ney do you want to attract this year? Once you have that mo’ney, what are your specific goals for it? Pay off your mortgage? Build a new house? Put your child through college? Travel abroad? Give to charity? Think about it. :)

HINT: When you think of your Self first and build a strong foundation, you can SERVE others with joy and abandon. Service is the point, after all. As my beloved friend and client, Orna Banarie (and summit attendee) says, “Serve from the saucer, not the cup. Serve from the overflow. Are you over-flowing?

In Today’s ***BRAND NEW*** Article, guest author and client, Nancy Gronewold, reveals how she went from being a turkey to an EAGLE. Which are YOU? (It’s not a trick question!!!)

...until next time, remember your Life Purpose (and your business!) is in YOUR hands (nobody else's!)


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