Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Follow the Energy

Smiling with some of my favorite peeps at ERS [L to R]:
Cindy Gallo, my biz manager, David Neagle, creator of ERS,
Shawnee Undell, Tantra Master, and John Leonetti, Financial Expert

So I was talking with Kristin and David Morelli on the phone the other day and Kristin said, "People often ask me how I was 28 years old and doing $200 million dollar business deals." I tell them, "I followed the energy."

Returning home from David Neagle's ERS last Saturday, I realized that 'following the energy' was my BIG conscious breakthrough at his event. (It was my second ERS... and I already know what I want to explore at the NEXT one!) Let me give you a taste of what I've been experiencing since allowing this simple and profound idea to infuse my life:

** Yesterday, Cindy and I found perfect office space to expand the business.
It's literally around the corner from my home and has all the amenities we wanted, plus unbelievably low rent! It was the second unit we looked at. The first was so "not it" that we decided going forward to absolutely 'follow the energy.' (Our tip off at the first place came when the landlords showed up and one of them forgot the keys to the unit. We had to wait around 20 minutes while they retrieved the keys only to be shown a small cave in a not-so-great neighborhood. Hmmm.... the clue phone is ringing... I think it's for me!)

** My 17-year-old step-daughter, Julia, wanted to talk to me. She said, "Can we go to dinner tonight - alone? That is, without dad?" "Sure," I said. We sat down to our vegetarian feast at Govinda's restaurant, and she proceeded to tell me exactly what I wanted to share with her about improving the satisfaction and closeness in our family by setting up better systems, boundaries and agreements. We went home to tell dad what we discovered and he was relieved, excited and totally onboard. Julia said, "We're a good family. Let's make it better." We all shared a proud, connected moment - by following the energy.

** Since coming home, I haven't felt stressed, pressured, 'behind' or any of my usual business ticks. The only thing I can attribute it to is total trust in the energy of the moment, and knowing that I can only do one thing at a time, so I may as well do whatever that one thing is with a calm, open heart. Easy. David Neagle is always saying - and I think I'm FINALLY getting it - "Success is EASY."

Here's the kicker: We have been indoctrinated for centuries into thinking success is hard because it served the ruling classes for you to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of success. If you think you have to work 24/7, 'kill the competition,' and claw your way to the top, why bother right? Pass me the TV remote and the Krispy Cremes. This mind control makes people give up and feel hopeless, thereby concentrating 'power' in small circles (another illusion). It's based in scarcity and is perpetuated by folks in positions of power who mistakenly think power comes from controlling others (more scarcity). Let this sink in for a moment... we take the 'hard work' ethic for granted - but the acorn doesn't effort to be an oak tree, does it? Babies are created in a flash of passion. Creation happens - easily, joyfully, QUICKLY!

BUT what if success really is easy?
It doesn't mean you don't take action, it means you take action in a way that feels GOOD. If it doesn't feel good, find another action that does feel good or just stop and take a break. Follow the energy - follow the good-feeling energy. As Abraham says, "Everything you want is downstream!" Are you going with the flow or rowing against the current?

If you want to discover how to "follow the energy"
and make a QUANTUM LEAP in your wealth by overcoming your subconscious blocks, Kristin and David Morelli are launching a program called "40 Days and 40 Nights" to show you how to 'follow the energy' to wealth from the comfort of your own home.


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