Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In All This DO-ing, I Forgot To "BE"

That's me with James Malinchak, the winning entrepreneur marketer of the 2008 Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference that just happened in Nashville, TN. The winner's baton gets passed from event to event! James walked around the stage in orange jailbird clothes as he expressed how his new-found marketing techniques helped "set him free" - and then he ripped off the jumpsuit. (Yes, he was dressed underneath!) Congratulations, James!

A sinus infection I caught the last day of the
conference stopped me in my tracks. People came out of the woodwork with all sorts of remedies wanting to help me (I guess my funny voice gave it away) but when I get sick it's always a message, so I listen closely.

The message was: "slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the moment last." When I got home, I opened up Eckhart Tolle's book, "A New Earth: Finding Your Life's Purpose," for some reminders to be in the moment and to be very aware of my ego's drive to get to the "next thing." I realized I've sometimes been addicted to pressure and doing, doing, doing - a hang over from my Puritan relatives, perhaps?

When I forget to just BE, nature has her way with me. The observer in me said, "Beth, savor each moment." My commitment is to ask each day for the highest outcome for all and bring my full focus to each moment. One of my top values is "PRESENCE," and I'm very aware of when I'm not...

In my quest to learn new things, sometimes I take on too much and then have to regroup to find my own footing. Everything has "timing and purpose." I'm great with the purpose part, but the timing part... oh, vey (time to create a new, better belief there)! My husband has joined my business as my CFO since he is a systems whiz... can you hear me breathing easier? My sinuses are so very happy! We've been shaking our heads lately and wondering why we didn't figure this out sooner. LOL!

Another great speaker I met briefly at the SuperConference was Gene Simmons of KISS fame. His wonderful presentation and his book, "Sex, Mo^ney, Kiss," were the inspiration for my blog article, "Is Marriage Good For Business?" You can read the article (and see the picture of Gene and me!) on my blog at


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