Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Steps To Resolve Your Intimacy Issues

Love. I receive as many questions about love in your hands as I do about mo'ney.

But you do REALLY understand why you might be lonely? Or why you want to change/control/manage your husband, wife, partner (at least sometimes) - and what to do about it? Are you wanting more connection, more love, more "intimacy?"

Intimacy, according to Webster's Dictionary, means "revealing your innermost self to another." We do this (or don't do this) with our body language, our spoken and written words, our listening skills (or lack thereof) and our ability to tune into our inner voice. Our ability to be intimate with others is in direct proportion to our ability to be intimate with ourselves.

But what does that mean exactly? And how do you do it?

Find out - on my next Hand Analysis Master Mind Tele-Class, where, with the help of your left little finger, we'll explore:

* The root causes of intimacy issues* How to communicate even when you'd rather bury your head in the sand
* 3 ways to access your inner guidance (a KEY to intimacy!)
* Why you keep dating the "same" person over and over again - and how
to break the pattern
* Why raising your standards in love doesn't mean you're too picky or a snob
* And how lowering your expectations can make for marvelous romance


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