Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are You In YOUR Throne or Hiding Behind the Curtain?

People both crave power and hide from it. Why? With power comes responsibility. If things go wrong, well, you only have yourself to blame, right? And if you don't accept the error, someone will gladly hand it to you on a plastic cafeteria tray.

The other BIG issue with power is that most of us have seen it misused - against ourselves, animals, children, and innocent populations - and so we fear using it wrongly. The challenge this creates is that while some people are running drunk with power, many others are cowering in fear of being run over.

This dichotomy is affectionately referred to as the master/slave, victimizer/victim, bully/doormat dynamic. And it's no picnic.

However, there is ANOTHER perspective. TRUE power empowers you and others. True power leads, inspires and provides vision. The goal of a gifted leader is to hold a vision and enroll others to help carry out that vision. That's power. Now you know why the eagle symbolizes power. She with the eagle eye sees all - she sees the BIG PICTURE.

There is a gift marking that sometimes appears in the palm called the Jupiter star. The Jupiter star reveals extraordinary leadership ability, ambition and the quest for achievement and recognition. People with Jupiter stars have BIG visions. The question is: are you in YOUR throne or hiding out behind the curtain, making someone else the king or queen? Because "if it's in your hands, it's in your life!"


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