Monday, August 10, 2009

Gift Markings, Part 5: Are You READY For Fame + Fortune in the Arts?

If you’ve dreamt of the big time, the limelight, the spotlight, and the applause, approval and appreciation that go along with being famous (famous internationally, famous in your industry, or famous in your community). I’m here to tell you it’s not because you have a big ego or want to prove something. If the spotlight is indicated in your hands, it NEEDS to be in your life. (Remember, if it’s in your hands, it’s in your life!)

In fact, if you don’t PUT the spotlight into your regular routine, you will find other ways to get the attention – and it can get messy, or not to mention annoying. Better to save the drama for the stage, rather than your personal life!

There is a BETTER way to get your spotlight needs met. Find out HOW to step into the spotlight and claim your fame and fortune without feeling like a fool. If you KNOW you need to be in the spotlight and you’re not, there are a number of CORE REASONS for you to hide out.

Are you ready to give up the ghost and BE REAL – REALLY OUT THERE???

Find out where you stand with your FAME FACTOR on our NEXT Hand Analysis Master Mind where we’ll explore a gift marking in the hand called the "Apollo Star." This marking sometimes appears beneath the ring finger on the palm. It's known as “fame and fortune in the arts." The owner of this gift has special creative talents that seek expression in front of an audience.

How would Increased Visibility increase your business's Profit+Purpose?


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