Friday, August 14, 2009

Angelina Jolie’s Career Niche?

What can you tell from the hand of a star waving to her fans? A lot – if you know what you’re observing.

My ezine offers ‘hot tips’ for your specific career niche, so let’s dive into Angelina Jolie’s waving left hand to find out what her hand reveals about her career niche.

Your dominant hand is your career hand and your non-dominant hand is your personal-life hand. Angelina is a ‘south paw’ or ‘lefty’ so her career hand would be her left hand, which she shows in the picture. describes a ‘south paw’ this way:

“A left-handed person, especially a left-handed baseball pitcher. [From the practice in baseball of arranging the diamond with the batter facing east to avoid the afternoon sun. A left-handed pitcher facing west would therefore have his pitching arm toward the south of the diamond.]”

Let’s look at her dominant finger zones first for her career niche:

* Angelina needs a lot of personal space or ‘turf.’ She MUST have her personal freedom or she could revolt against anyone or anything trying to control her. (dominant lower zone of index finger)
* She cares about the environment and honoring her personal value system (dominant lower zone of middle finger)* She has tremendous charisma and is a great networker with a full ‘schmooze zone’ (dominant lower zone of ring finger)
* She is a gifted communicator with a special affinity for the media and using it to get her message out to a large audience. (dominant upper zone of little finger)

In a nutshell, Angelina’s career niche is to use the media and her charm to draw world attention to her causes. She will spurn anyone or anything, however, that attempts to limit her freedom.

Her most challenged zone is on her upper middle finger, indicating that she might get sloppy on her research or delegate important to details that she herself needs to complete; this could be potentially embarrassing or messy later. It’s vital that she dot her I’s and cross her T’s to keep her commitments in order. Her middle finger itself is relatively short compared with the norm. This indicates that Angelina is a rebel and maverick. A true rebel, Angelina desperately needs a cause to feel engaged. Otherwise, that rebellion can take the form of frivolous shock tactics and wasted outbursts to get attention. We saw much more of this when Angelina was younger. She seems to have tempered this energy.

The middle and ring fingers are leaning in toward each other, indicating that Angelina, at the time the photo was taken, was very concerned with certain outcomes in her life.

The little finger sits a distance from the other fingers, indicating a hint of loneliness and independence of thought. The little finger itself is long and straight, indicating that Angelina, rebel that she is, shoots straight from the hip and says EXACTLY what she wants to say. She typically DOES mean what she says and this is what can be most uncomfortable to those around her as she has little concern with pleasing others or fitting in. Because of her strong schmooze-ability, she does fit in easily and then shocks people with her truth-telling. Because she can charm her way into and out of most situations, people find they forgive her easily and want more of her company.

Angelina’s hands are water-shaped. The water hand is long with willowy fingers and a narrow palm. This indicates that, at her core, Angelina is deeply sensitive, empathic, nurturing and caring. This hand shape is the classic psychic hand. Angelina finds that she knows a lot about others, more than they might want her to know. Her hand color is a healthy pink, indicating vivaciousness, vitality and enthusiasm.

Angelina possesses a configuration that shows up frequently on the hands of celebrities. She has a long ring finger and a large mount of Venus. The mount of Venus is the fleshy part of the palm at the base of the thumb. This combination is the ‘starlet’ energy, indicating a career in the movies, a love of fashion and fine jewelry, and typically, indicates a very attractive person (This is how I know someone is beautiful if all I have is their hand image or print. The ‘starlet’ factor gives it away.) A large mount of Venus also indicates a love of beauty and fine things, a love of children and animals, and general joie de vivre. The spur of bone coming of the edge of this mount is called the ‘angle of rhythm,’ revealing that Angelina has a good sense of timing in music and dance.

Probably the most paradoxical thing of all about her hands is her ‘tactful thumb.’ When the thumb is large at the tip and then appears to have a ‘waist’ in the middle, it indicates tact. She can be tremendously diplomatic when circumstances call for it and then, in a single breath, shocking, over-the-top and scandalous. She is a complex woman with a very large array of skills available to her. It’s no surprise she is both a celebrity who loves to shock her audience and a premier diplomat who interacts with world leaders. She is able to do both with aplomb, primarily because she is beautiful, charming and very, very smart. Angelina is a wonderful model for living life on your own terms and ignoring what other’s have to say about you.

As one of my mentors once told me, “If they’re talking about you, it means you’re actually doing something. Nobody talks about people who don’t do anything.”


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