Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Nicole Kidman Finds Focus, Part 3

Notice the many lines and explosion of asterisk-shaped stars all over Nicole Kidman’s left palm. This type of line activity is the expression of “fire” energy in Nicole’s life. She is passionate, vivacious and self-directed (“me-ish”). She is driven to express her self publicly but can get overwhelmed by the many creative interests she holds.

Notice the large stars (*) in the moon area of Nicole’s palm. This is the area traveling up from the wrist toward the little finger.

Moon stars enhance the energy of the moon, which encompasses magic, mystery, intuition, illusion, fantasy and passive sexuality. These stars are considered gift markers. Nicole is profoundly intuitive - meaning that she experiences flashes of the truth in an instant. However, she could fall into illusion if she allows the power of her strong intellect to overrule her gut instincts.
Nicole had a long and straight head line cutting horizontally through the middle of her hand. It’s so long, in fact, that it’s another gift marker, indicating that she needs to use her mind to solve large, world-scale issues or she could create tangled webs in her personal life. Powerful minds crave powerful puzzles.
Without sufficient challenge, Nicole could get bored and create drama and problems to keep her mind entertained. While Nicole’s higher mind might not find the drama so amusing, her mind doesn’t care one way of the other. It WILL have its day – so best to give it a good problem to solve. Nicole’s service work with underprivileged kids probably helps to alleviate her monkey mind and keep her focused (that’s a BIG Hint right there for all of us about our purpose on the planet and how to stay calm and focused). Without this service work, she could be the ‘drama queen’ of her circle. Her drama is best left for the stage and screen.

The challenge for gifted intuitive is to trust their instincts and inner guidance and to ACT on that guidance. To fail to do so can result in feelings of alienation, stagnation and loneliness. This challenge, combined with her computer-brain’s challenge of creating drama when underemployed, could potentially create a situation where Nicole has lots of activity happening all around her, but she feels disconnected from the chaos. In order to stay true to her own heart’s desires, it’s essential that she heed her inner voice, lest she allow the manipulations and deceptions of others to con her into believing, at least superficially, that their agendas are more important than her own. Given Nicole’s career success, it appears that she has walked this razor’s edge with a fair amount of dignity and grace but may be painfully aware of moments when she allowed the drama of her personal life to distract her from her larger purpose. When she listens to her inner voice, she stays focused and “on purpose.”


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