Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nicole Kidman: Lonely At The Top, Part 2

In the last article, we explored the dynamics of two energies in Nicole’s hands – fire and water. Taken together, fire and water create “steam.” Nicole (who is naturally left-handed) is a “steamy chick” for the ages!

Today, let’s take a look at Nicole’s fingers to further explore this complex and talented artist. Notice her fingers emerging along the ridge of her palm. You can think of the upper palm ridge as the mountain top and the fingers as trees emerging along the mountain top. In Nicole’s left hand, the index/pointer finger sits higher along the ridge than the other fingers. A ‘high-set’ index finger reveals power, leadership, vision, and ambition with an interest in religious and political matters. Her little finger sits quite a bit lower than the other fingers. This can indicate a need for more closeness and affection. Typically, when someone is feeling this, they withdraw from intimate relationships, rather than engage – to protect their hearts. Of course, what gets Nicole out of this situation is to engage and open her heart.

This particular appearance of the fingers – high-set index finger, low-set little finger – is know as “lonely at the top.” (Note: Hands can change and her hands may appear differently now than they do in the photo.)

It may be that Nicole was feeling alone in her ambitions or that loneliness was the price she thought she had to pay for her immense public persona and influence. It’s quite common with these types of markers in the hands that a person is not consciously aware of their influence unless it is discussed openly. Perhaps it served Nicole to appear ‘alone’ at the top. Avoid too much scrutiny? Avoid paparazzi?

Let’s continuing weaving this story… (ALL hands tell a story). Notice that Nicole’s little finger is not only low-set, but is separated from the other fingers to a larger degree than the other fingers are separated from one another. This indicates that Nicole is an independent thinker (reinforced by her independent head line cutting diagonally across the center of her palm). Nicole could certainly hide her loneliness with her quixotic smile and quick wit (a hallmark of the independent thinker).

Notice, too, that the tip of her middle finger is leaning away from the thumb. This is a common indicator that I see often, revealing worries (usually unfounded) about the future. “What will my future look like? Is everything going to be okay? Will I ever find________? (Fill in the blank: true love, financial success, etc.) We can probably guess at what Nicole is worried about, given the other indicators we’ve discussed. She could be worried whether she’s single or in a relationship at the time of this photo.

So, could it be that the woman with everything is worried about love? Certainly makes her very human, doesn’t it? It only increases my respect and compassion for her that she comports herself in such a professional manner, even under severe scrutiny, given the matters weighing upon her versatile and deep-thinking mind (and passionate heart!).

Now, let’s look at her finger zones. I LOVE the finger zones for revealing a person’s business niche as well as their hobbies. As Nicole is left-handed, you can consider this her ‘career’ hand. Our dominant hand is our ‘in the world’ hand and our non-dominant hand is our ‘at-home’ hand. Dominant: yang, active, masculine self. Non-dominant: yin, passive, feminine self.

Before we explore her finger zones, here are some rules for understanding finger zones:

Length of the zone = how much time you spend in that zone of your life

Width of the zone = how much you display/reveal that zone of your life

Thickness of the zone = how much energy you have in that zone of your life

Here’s the rundown on some of Nicole’s zones:

Longest zones on each finger: lower index (turf), lower middle (environment/personal values), upper ring (artist’s eye), upper little (brainstorming/storytelling). So, in a nut shell, we instantly know that Nicole spends most of her time carving out her territory – she dominates Hollywood in the female actor category, engaging in world issues that speak to her personal values - she’s a representative for Unicef and Unifem, and putting forth her creative vision and sharing stories (through her acting roles).

Okay, how about the shortest zones on each of her fingers?:

Upper index (ideals), middle zone of middle finger (money in the bank), middle ring (practical creativity) and lower little finger (sex zone). What does this tell us? Nicole spends the least amount of her time concerned with living up to ideals, her finances, decorating her home or pursuing her sexual energies. It’s not that she’s ignoring these areas of her life – they just take up less of her time and attention than the previously mentioned areas. So, while I might have guessed Nicole spends a lot of time rearranging her furniture to get her home ‘just so,’ she would probably say that she’s got her routine down to a science and focuses the majority of her energy on her service activities and acting roles. Amazing how the hands can smash even my perceptions!

I know this article is getting long… so I’ll wrap it up. If you liked what I wrote about the zones, let me know and we’ll explore more. Here’s a yummy little tidbit about Nicole: the lower zone on her little finger (the sex zone) is the shortest zone on that finger but also the WIDEST. What does this say? While Nicole may ‘display’ to her public how sexy she is, when it comes to her personal life, she is likely very private when it comes to her own sexual expression. She is still a practicing Catholic after all! (This, of course, does not necessarily mean she is reserved sexually – just very PRIVATE.) The fingers reveal behaviors, the palms reveal motivations. She may display a sexy persona, but her fingers tell us it’s more for show than shock. (Unlike Angelina Jolie who not only displays but enjoys shocking as well! Angelina has the longest little finger I’ve ever seen – communication is her domain. Looks like another article idea is formulating!)


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