Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Does Rejection Motivate You Or Paralyze You?

Rejection is no fun. However, the FEAR of rejection is more paralyzing than real rejection. If you're are REALLY getting rejected, it means you are actually attempting something - a new job, project, relationship, presentation. If you sit around fearing the rejection, nothing happens. As time passes, you can get paralyzed.

However, if you're out there, taking action and rejection does occur, you KNOW you are taking action. Seeing "rejection" as evidence for taking action can be extremely motivating. You may be experiencing rejection because you need more information or more practice. The rejection may signal that people are envious of you or that you are so cutting edge and original, you really MUST continue down the road you are taking.

The reasons for the rejection are useful, but what's more important is that you RISK rejection to achieve your goals. It's been my experience that actual rejection happens far less than anticipated AND people who regularly risk ridicule, ostracism, criticism and rotten vegetable lashings have much, much higher levels of success than those who risk nothing and hide out.

What are you doing - risking or hiding out?


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