Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nicole Kidman: Caught Red-Handed Part 1

I found this image of Nicole’s left paw on the web site of a skin doctor. The diagnosis was the possibility of too much hand washing leading to irritation, and worst case, eczema. But I disagree.
Nicole Kidman has classic “steamy chick” hands – a phrase I first heard from my original hand analysis mentor, Terry-Linn. When you heat water to a certain point, you get steam. We refer to sexy movie scenes and charismatic actors as “steamy.” Steam makes you sweat.

Nicole’s hand shape, narrow and delicate, with long fingers, is the element of water. The red color of her palm and deep-cut lines going in many different directions represent the element of fire. Water seeks to emotionally connect and fire seeks to express its passions, preferably with an audience. When you put the two elements together in the hands of a woman, the steamy chick loves to dramatize her emotions (show, rather than explain or hide, how she is feeling), the skill for which Nicole receives millions of dollars.

What’s particularly interesting is the cool, elegant exterior of Nicole’s alabaster hands – visible as she holds them in the air - while her left palm indicates a fiery interior of passion, vivaciousness and desire. Your hand shape reveals the way you present yourself to the world as well as your fundamental personality structure, while the lines, especially if they are a different element type, add nuance and variation to your personality.

Nicole, on first glance, seems sensitive, caring, quiet, gentle, and somewhat introverted (her water hand shape in action) – all qualities that she possesses. But once you get to know her better, or her passions are sufficiently aroused (positively or negatively), she will SHOW you her pleasure, pain or displeasure spontaneously (the qualities of her fire element). When someone possesses a lot of fire energy, there is very little delay between the sensation of a feeling and its outward expression. Water, which is expressive of love and connection, and fire, which is expressive of passion and desire, taken together, provide Nicole with an extensive emotional range to draw upon; she is a veritable Georgia O’Keefe of emotional artistry.

Now let’s look more closely at some indicators on her hands.

Nicole’s Thumb

Nicole has a “high-set” thumb – meaning it emerges from the palm more than an inch up from her wrist. People with high-set thumbs typically have to work very hard and apply themselves intensely to achieve success. The good news is that hard work often pays off. The bad news is when hard work leads nowhere and the individual becomes dispirited by their frustrated attempts to achieve their goals.

Nicole’s Heart Line

Nicole’s left-hand heart line begins about a half-inch below her little finger and travels across her palm towards her index/pointer finger. However, it does something interesting. It appears to be heading toward her middle finger and then detours toward the index finger near the end of its journey. What this basically means is that her heart line, as it heads toward the base of the middle finger, “wants” to be FIRE (The Passionate) but she’s afraid of being too fiery (i.e. accused of being too selfish, too self-centered) so the line detours over toward the realm of WATER (the Big Heart). Fire heart lines are “me-ish” where as water heart lines are “you-ish.” The me-ish person ideally takes care of themselves first and then shows consideration for others whereas the you-ish person (ideally) cares for others but remembers to save a little bit (of time, money, self-care) for themselves.

If Nicole spends too much time acting like Mother Teresa (water chick) instead of Jennifer Lopez (fire chick), she can grow irritable and resentful from putting the needs of others before her own. I suspect her true happiness comes from having a balance of both connection and passionate expression in her life. Living in the spotlight, we have watched Nicole suffer personal disappointment in her love life. However, the deep sustenance and connection that she appears to be currently experiencing in her personal relationships with her partner and children actually provide a foundation for her creative work as an actor, giving her an abundance of energy and vitality to draw upon.


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