Monday, August 17, 2009

Finding Your INNER TRUMP By Mastering The ‘Loser’ Lesson

When I first heard my hand analysis mentor, Richard Unger, call a Life Lesson “the loser lesson,” I gasped. What an awful thing – to call someone, to call one’s self – even worse, what a difficult thing to FEEL.

Some of you reading this are very familiar with this lesson as you have it in your fingerprints. Some of you have only parts of this lesson. It involves the fingerprints on right thumb (failure/frustration), right index finger (powerlessness/overwhelm) and right middle finger (money/business/time/integrity issues). Imagine for a moment that when you get stuck in life, you find yourself trapped in a situation you don’t like, feeling overwhelmed, broke and frustrated.

Well, whether or not this is your lesson, you can probably relate to pieces of it. Taken together,feeling like a powerless, broke failure pretty much provokes a “loser” sensation.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: when you complete tasks (success!), assert your boundaries (power),and ask to be paid (mo^ney), you activate the Big Shot Business Owner or your “Inner Trump” – as in ‘Donald Trump.’ This isn’t about whether or not you resonate with the actual Donald Trump, rather, it’s about claiming your own definition of success, standing clear in your powerful vision and refusing to give away your time without compensation.

You might experience only pieces of this lesson – feeling powerless one day, broke or running out of time on another day. The opportunity here is to remember that a “lesson” is really a blind spot. My dear friend, Jennifer Urezzio, who studied hands with me years ago, has dispensed with the word “lesson” altogether and simply calls Life Lessons “Skill Builders.”

Your Life Lesson, whatever it is, shows you the gaps in your knowledge and experience. By acknowledging these gaps, you can build your skills and achieve what is most important to you.

So, what’s it going to be? Feeling like a “loser” or claiming your Inner Trump?The choice, as always, is yours.

The Palm Pilot’s Coaching Questions To Consider:

  • What is YOUR definition of success?
  • Where do you get into power struggles with people?
  • What triggers your defensiveness?
  • What is your WORLD VISION? (Everyone has one… really.)
  • Do you ASK to be PA^ID and charge what you are worth?


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