Monday, August 17, 2009


Do you see the real truth behind ‘the truth?’ Do you simply ‘know’ what’s going on in the lives of others without them telling you a word? Do your friends, clients, or romantic partner approach you for guidance on their most pressing life challenges, knowing you will give them a suprising but clear answer?

If you have the gift of the Line of Clairvoyance you are able to see (“voyance”) clearly (“clair”). You understand not only the secret machinations happening behind the scenes, you see deeply into the illusions and possibilities in the soul of another. You offer a new, soulful perspective for someone seeking spiritual truth.

You understand many different spiritual principles and many different spiritual approaches to ‘the truth.’ Your vast mental and emotional warehouse of spirtual and religious teachings provides you with the ability to weave beautiful, engaging stories to illuminate the challenges in your clients’ lives as well as the steps they need to take to reclaim their path of authenticity.

The challenge of the Line of Clairvoyance is to ensure that you are using this talent in your everyday work. If you are not able to be a truth-sayer for others, then you are bound to feel stuck, stagnant and lost in the wrong work with the wrong tribe.


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