Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Scared... What Are YOU Scared Of?

Yes, I'm scared. Not all the time, but usually every day. Sometimes the fear is acute and sometimes it just shows up in casual clothing as "anxiety."

What do I get afraid of? Oh, let's see: Signing a contract with a hotel for a workshop and then wondering, "Will they really show up?" Giving someone a piece of my mind and then wondering, "Should I have said that? Maybe that was a bit strong." Other fears include: raising my rates, lifting a heavier barbell at the gym than I did previously, and trying to figure out what to keep in my business plan and what to toss out (wouldn't want to be left out or overlook anything, right?!).

My usual m.o. is to not show fear. I prefer to project confidence and calm. Most of the time, that internal security is real. What I fear is that if I show fear, I will be ridiculed or rejected - which is what ALL the fear is about in my case. Everyone has fear but their fear is driven by different things. What makes you scared?

Fear is part of our journey through life. Our natural instinct when we feel fear is to stop - quite literally - in our tracks. What I am learning is that I need to hold my "tall poppy" self in one hand and my fearful self in the other, and proceed toward my goals holding both realities. Allowing for my fear and my goals simultaneously enables me to feel my authentic feelings and move on towards the target without creating emotional baggage. I'm choosing to stand tall, even if my knees are shaking!

Here's the "Tall Poppy Testimonial" of the week from Ali Brown, The Ezine Queen:

“Having a hand analysis session with Beth is a real eye-opener. While I’m very successful in my business, Beth showed me a path to even greater success. If you’d like to find out EXACTLY what your Life Purpose is, what your biz niche is, who your target audience is and how to increase profitability while still honoring your soul, Beth is your gal. She’s worth every penny. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re here or what’s next for you, Beth will give you the internal clarity, authority and permission to reach for BIGGER, BOLDER goals.” -- Alexandria Brown, “The Ezine Queen” and Million Dollar Marketing Coach,


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